Thursday, November 2, 2023

Virofest 2023 National conference at our Bloomington MN Headquarters

Virofest 2023 was an outstanding success bringing together everyone Viro from across the country for our first ever company wide conference and trainees seminars. Richard Flint was our keynote speaker and he brought the house down with his wisdom and profound insight into human behavior. In addition to Richard, there were training programs for inspections, proper picture protocols, deficiency reporting, fan repair and rebuilding, equipment maintenance, hood setups, safety, insurance, etc. I want to personally thank our outstanding staff for all of their efforts to make the conference even better than any of us could have imagined. The teams enjoyed food from Scott Jamama's BBQ for lunch, and Taco Taxi Food Truck visited for dinner, and the famous wood fired pizza from Red Wagon Pizza Truck and Trailer on Friday. 


Friday, July 7, 2023

Accomplishing the impossible once again! Other KEC vendors and mechanic contractors recommended replacing the plugged grease duct. Instead the FM turned to VIRO!!

Last week Viro received a call for help. The exhaust systems at their location was not longer exhausting air. It was completely plugged up with decades of grease.  The FM's and management of the location were told the systems were inaccessible and needed to be replaced. Looking at closing for several weeks(Or months) for redesign and installation of 2 new systems, they turned to Viro. 3 days later, the store can now reopen as the "inaccessible" ductwork could indeed be accessed with our equipment. The after pictures are almost shocking as many thought it was unbelievable that the system could be cleaned like that.  The 2 teams that traveled to this location faced the impossible and came through with their normal flying colors!  Like Viro's owner has always said in his seminars, "There is no such thing as inaccessible ductwork, only ductwork people choose not to access" Companies stating there is inaccessible ductwork are simply stating they did not clean the system and it is still a fire danger. 

Looking up from hood 1

Looking down into hood from access plate

Looking into the horizontal duct above hood(Before)

Looking onto 2nd horizontal

Looking up from the hood getting closer to end of job

Looking into horizontal duct above hood (after)
Look what we found!! A lot of ductwork behind the grease

Looking down into the hood from the access plate (After)

Looking further into the horizontal

Looking down first system from the roof

Looking down the 2nd system from roof (After)

Fan bowl after

Looking at the back of the fan blades (after)

Fan intake (After)

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Fire Inspection training Nov 2nd on Salam Oregon


Oregon Fire Marshal’s Association


TEC Conference


November 2, 2022 08:15-16:30 

Course – Detailed overview of grease exhaust system design, construction, maintenance and inspections along with recommendations and inspection training. Presented by Don Pfleiderer CECS, CESI 


Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training

4190 Aumsville Hwy SE

Salem OR 97317

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Fan motors- Make sure to keep the air intakes clean!

 With the newer direct drive fans on grease exhaust systems that do not have belts to service, many technicians are not checking inside the motor housings. That is a mistake as the open style motors can plug up and overheat. That can lead to numerous other issues and possible a grease exhaust fire.  We do not recommend using open style motors on grease exhaust fans. Always choose an enclosed motor (TEFC) and where possible, move the VFD's (controls) away from the fan and inside the building. This keeps them away from the weather. See picture of a plugged up fan motor that overheated. 

F 2 access plates are NOT for grease ducts!! Ductmate Ultimate Plates are!


KEC vender promised "leaves your kitchen exhaust system and work area spotless." Cleaned previous month.


Main Office Solar Array goes live!

 Keeping with our Green Initative. Our new Main Office Solar Panel array went live Tuesday morning! We now produce more clean electricity than we use.