Saturday, March 7, 2020

New Viro Headquarters, pictures from 1st week in new offices

                                                                            Outside front of shop

                                                      Picture from back of main office area

                                                            Picture from inside of front entrance

                                                  Looking from back showing off sit to stand desks

                                                              Move in day inside Don’s office,
                                                 Green Mill delivered first lunch for staff

                                             First training meeting in new conference/training room

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Viro at the 2019 IKECA Fall Tech seminar

Viro team along with Alex from Arizona's R & G Vent cleaning at the IKECA Tech Seminar

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

FAN HINGES- Release of the new and vastly improved Envirohinge.

Our new Envirohinge fan hinge has just been released and is now available to fit most standard upblast fans. The new Envirohinge is based on our standard hinge platform we have been installing for more than 30 years with some very nice upgrades. The hinges are now stainless steel with the same material used in our Viroguard hinges. They are made to last a lifetime and come with a lifetime warrantee against any defects or breakage. With the 1/4" thick stainless bar stock the hinges also sport new handles on both sides for easy fan lifting along with the new hold open bar we are using on the Viroguards. They still have the stainless safety hold open cable as a safety measure when tipping back the fan.. The hinges run the full length of the side of the fan thus giving unmatched support to the fan base. Also available are cross supported full frame hinges for the larger based fans that require additional support. Please feel free to call for additional details and currently pricing. We also have easy to follow picture installation instructions available. Some installation picture samples below.

Another day another years of buildup removed from hidden areas

Another solid fuel system initial cleanup started last night. It was just cleaned 2 weeks ago by someone else. Here is what we found in the horizontal past what one could see from looking up the hood. Although the vertical risers looked fairly clean, that stopped once the duct turned. This was a smaller part of a major buildup that had to be broken up to remove from the access plates. The existing access plates were adequate, although they had not been used in a few years as had to be pried off.