Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Viro April Aniversaries!

Luke Jacobsen- April 7th- 4 years!
Makelia Davis- April 8th- 3 years!
Brett McLeod- April 15th - 14 years!
Arturo Rodriguez- April 16th- 17 years!
Tony Besonnen- April 21st - 10 years!
Sylvia Almaguer- April 23rd- 19 years!
Alex Perchard- April 25th- 14 years!
Nick Ascencio- April 30th- 21 years!

April Viro Birthdays!

Josh Beemer
Mario Candela
Joseph Fleming
Brett McLeod
Roberto Ocampa
Chase Smith
Kayla Stewart
Erik Zamora

Have a very Happy Birthday from all of us at Viro!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Solid Fuel system- Viro once again takes on and conquers the impossible

Looks at what was removed from a Solid fuel system with a multistory(18 floors!) vertical riser with long horizontals snaking through a mixed use building. Another well known national vendor just cleaned(??) this 2 weeks prior. Many may thought this was impossible to clean properly. Not only was it possible for Viro, but we completed over only 2 weekends! See the pics and be amazed!