Sunday, February 3, 2013

IKECA Certified Inspectors now at 7!

With Tim Smith recently passing his IKECA's Inspectors test and becoming our newest CESI( and with Tim having over 25 years experience), that brings the total IKECA CESI staff for Enviromatic to 7 nationwide. The Enviromatic Corp CESI staff are Don Pfleiderer, Mike Gronlund, Tim Smith, Steve Garkinos, Andrew Watson, Joe Houston, and Brien Picha.  That is in addition to the 12 CECS staff members.We believe that is one of the most if not the most number of certified inspectors for one company in the country. Proper certifications and training for our staff is critical to Enviromatic continuing being the leader in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.  No one does it better, period!  We are currently undergoing testing all Crew chiefs and Senior Crew members for a minimum of CEST certifications to assure there is a certified staff member on each and every job by this summer. The new IKECA C-10 standards calls for this. NFPA96 also required certified companies performing exhaust system cleanings.  We hope all other companies soon follow our lead on the proper certifications. 
We believe that the IKECA certification with the annual CEU requirements, periodic renewals, and using a non-profit group for the independent testing is the only true certification.  Some certifications can be had by simply take a test and paying for a lifetime certification. The CEU requirements allows members to keep up with industry standards and changes. They put this plainly on the IKECA web site "IKECA certifications provide objective and measurable ways to determine general competency in the standardized practices and standards within the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry."