Thursday, February 25, 2016

Midwest Foodservice Show in Milwaukee March 7-9th

Please stop by Booth 240 to see us at the Midwest Foodservice Expo at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. Please see more information on the web site

RFMA 2016. Hope to see you all there.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at RFMA. Stop by booth 352 and let us show you what a proper cleanings and a proper cleaning program looks like. We have over 3 million pictures of properly cleaned systems!  Stop by and discuss how we can work together to bring all of your systems to the consistent clean you thought you were getting at unmatched value. Stop paying a lot of money for a little work. We can clean or monitor all of your cleanings giving a lot of your time back to you by taking this talk off your plate. Over 45 years experience with proper cleaning consistency that many try to emulate, but none have ever matched or exceeded. Join the over 6000 customers that go with Viro!

Impossible? Note with our superstar Florida team.

 Look at these before and after and see what a safe system actually looks like. This all started with permitting a 3rd party Kitchen Hood & Duct Inspection by Enviromatic, just to see how the current service provider was keeping the assets protected.    They weren’t… Through superior cleaning equipment exclusive to Enviromatic and methodology used since 1971, Enviromatic was once again able to return a very non-compliant threatening grease exhaust system back to proper fire safety. While your exhaust system may never get to this level of accumulation of stored fuel, it still pays to have a 3rd party Certified Viro Inspector take a look. Imagine how long all that fuel load in this grease duct could have burned and the resulting damages when burning at over 1700 degrees!! Stop putting up with the excuses. No price is worth the possible loss of life and property.  Call Viro and see the difference for yourself. We just don't say its clean, we prove it.

Our Denver team shows others how its done!!

 After job from other vs Viro cleaning same job afterwards.