Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This customer was shocked as what we found.

This customer was always told that the previous company had pressure washers that could "power flush" the horizontals in his systems that we had told him needed access. We did add access and the pictures below show what we found. I think their"power flush" was actually the sound of his money he paid for the cleanings being flushed into their pockets and not of any grease being actually removed form these areas. What do you think?

Florida shop moving to larger quarters.

Our Ocala shop in Florida is moving this week to a new area office with a larger shop in the Orlando area to accommodate the extra staff and equipment added this year. We are on Platinum Road in Apopka as of Jan 1st. The new office is also closer to many of our Orlando and South Florida area customers and still convenient to our Tampa area customers.

Denver staff moving to larger offices and shop

Enviromatic's Denver office in Aurora Colorado has moved to larger quarters to accommodate the new staff and equipment added this winter to accommodate our rapid growth in the Colorado area. We are now on Airport Blvd, just around the corner from our old shop.